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Data Destruction

Whilst most companies have procedures in place to protect their data in-house and online, what about when it is time to dispose of the equipment and media containing that data? At Kaizen, we understand how crucial data confidentiality and security is and can ensure the secure destruction of all data held on any equipment or media.

With stronger regulations now in place, organisations can be fined up to 20 Million Euros or 4% of their annual global turnover for non-compliance or a data breach. Kaizen provide a range of government approved, secure data protection services to give you peace of mind and ensure you do not breach the GDPR.

Organisations have an ever-increasing volume of data to be managed, with sensitive data and critical intellectual property stored across a multitude of media. One of the biggest challenges for IT managers is to ensure this data is destroyed securely and cost-effectively.

Why is permanent data disposal necessary?
•    Your electronically stored data is likely to include many files that you would not want accessed or viewed by people outside of your organisation.
•    Sensitive information that falls into the wrong hands can lead to loss of business, property, or reputation, potentially leading to civil and criminal liability and fines under GDPR.
•    Simply deleting data from a hard drive does not mean that the data is permanently deleted and inaccessible.
•    Regulatory requirements for data protection and customer privacy demand complete, well documented data disposal.

Kaizen provide a range of government approved, GDPR Compliant Data Destruction services including:

Data Wiping

Kaizen use Blancco Data Erasure tools to guarantee that all data has been permanently removed. Blancco’s overwriting technology meets the most stringent of international standards including those used by the UK and US military authorities.
•    Completely removes all data on targeted storage devices using proven, customisable overwriting procedures
•    Data can be erased from all media types including Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, Mobile Phones, Tablets, USB Drives, Server arrays, LUNs etc.
•    Approved by GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Council to the highest HMG Infosec Standards
•    Analytical reports for each data device wiped are provided.


Kaizen offer a convenient, end-of-lifecycle service - the complete destruction of your data using a degausser, a hardware device that destroys data using strong magnetic fields. This method of data destruction is compliant to the CESG lower level of compliance.


Kaizen provide many shredding options to physically destroy data storing devices such as hard disc drives. The shredding of data storage devices involves a process of grinding and cutting into small particles. Further passes through a shredder can reduce the particles to less than 5mm, the MOD standard, of which data can no longer be recovered.

All data destruction services can be provided on customer site.
A full inventory listing of items destroyed will be provided along with a Certificate of Data Destruction.

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