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Data Recovery

Occasionally data can be lost or corrupted on IT assets that haven’t been backed up, resulting the data being non-recoverable by an organisation.  The recovery of this data can often be critical, especially under the GDPR, and can also delay or inconvenience a company’s normal practices whilst the data is re-inputted, located, sourced etc.  Kaizen have a range of tools and services that can recover lost data quickly, minimising the impact to your company.

Data can be recovered from almost any device; a Hard Drive, SSD, USB Drive, a laptop, server, mobile phone or tablet to name just some.

For standard drives and media devices, Kaizen can provide a free-of charge assessment of your device providing a report of the files that can be recovered.  Should the files you require be on the report, Kaizen provides a cost-effective solution to recover and return your missing or corrupt files to you. 

Depending on how time critical your data recovery requirement is, Kaizen can provide a same-day service to get you back up and running with minimal impact.

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