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When it comes to the disposition of obsolete IT assets, adherence to the waste management hierarchy is a priority here at Kaizen. With the speed in which organisations use and replace IT equipment it is highly important to minimise the impact of this on the environment by finding the best methods of disposal for each asset.

Our engineers will exhaust all possibilities for assets to be reused/remarketed before assigning it as recycling, not only maximising returns on 'end of life' assets, but also aiming for zero landfill.

All services use approved erasure methods, provide full certification and documentation, and comply with the WEEE directive. 

IT Recycling

Waste Management Hierarchy.png

Kaizen IT Recycling Process

- Identify IT Disposal requirement via list, photos, or site visit


- Estimate re-use / remarketing potential of assets and value of return to customer


- Identify and agree any data security services


- Identify any hazardous waste items that may incur disposal charges, such as CRT monitors, large batteries etc


- Provide proposal to customer including quotation of returns vs cost, scheduled date, any operational information, or access requirements


- Agree collection date and time


- Kaizen, using own vehicles and trained staff, will collect all equipment and provide all appropriate paperwork e.g. Waste Transfer Note, Collection Note


- Upon receipt to Kaizen’s secure operation, items will be seperated for reuse / remarketing, and recycling


- Reuse Items are passed for refurbishment and a purchase order provided to customer for residual value (minus any agreed costs for hazardous items / data security services if applicable)


- All recycling items are separated according to their waste / material categories


- Each waste category is processed by fully accredited recycling centres to ensure maximum reclaimation value and environmental compliance.


- All data bearing items are securely wiped or destroyed according to the appropriate security level of the customer and certification provided as required.


- All relevant paperwork provided to customer including completed waste documentation, data destruction certificates, purchase order, to ensure compliance to both the WEEE Directive and also the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

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