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IT Redeployment is the ideal service for organisations looking for cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions to refresh, upgrade, and improve their IT suite to keep them secure and productive.


Through professional refurbishment and redeployment of IT assets within, businesses can benefit from updated and refurbished laptops and PCs that work as well as new equipment without the far higher cost of new assets. With the added benefit of fewer assets having to be disposed as e-waste.


Kaizen can provide tailored redeployment services, including any required upgrades, necessary re-imaging, additional Kaizen partner software installations, and extra services required to refresh your IT suite.


In addition to upgrading to the latest operating system and software, laptops and PCs can be professionally refurbished and repackaged, before they are redeployed back to other areas within your organisation as part of our Cascading Redeployment Service.

Through this service each part of an organisation receives a ‘good as new’ refurbished asset from within the organisation that suits the specifications required for their role. Thus avoiding purchases of new equipment with the highest spec where it isn’t necessary, and resulting in less cost of training for each employee.


Also as an alternative, an organisation may want to enable their employees to first access of their obsolete IT assets before Kaizen progresses with remarketing. If this is the case, employees are advised to log in to the Kaizen client portal, where information will be provided for these assets, including a discount code to be provided when prompted by the determined sales channel.

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