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Guaranteeing that all IT assets are processed Securely, Environmentally, & Economically.

  • Collection & Transit of IT at your convenience

  • Secure destruction of all data bearing items, using government approved methodologies

  • Refurbishment of assets by our team of engineers

  • Recycling of assets with no re-use value

  • Full reporting for audit trails

  • Value back to you on completion

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Redundant IT?

Does your organisation have redundant assets after updating your IT suite? Or perhaps they're building up without knowledge of the best solution to get rid of previously valuable assets?

Kaizen Collection

Contact Kaizen for a quote on your project. We'll assess your assets, listen to your requirements, provide you with a solution that is ideal for your organisation, and we'll arrange a collection

Kaizen ITAD

Our skilled team will get to work on your assets, passing the items through our data destruction process, before carrying out upgrades and refurbishments to maximise their value 

Money Back

Once refurbished, our sales team identify the optimum sales channel for each product, maximising recoup value for each item you may have previously thought had none! 

Full Certification & Reporting provided.

Disposing of Redundant IT Can Be a Problem For Organisations...

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IT & Data Disposal services tailored to you

Find out how Kaizen can benefit you...

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